You will need to click on the “sign-up” button on the homepage and complete all of the fields as requested in the form. Once done, click submit and activate your profile via the email you will receive. After you have have Signed up, you will need to login. Then from your profile page access the Shop tab. This will take you to the cart that will say: “your cart is currently empty – return to shop” click that. Then once in the shop, select the membership/product applicable to you. Follow the process through to completion and payment. Then once done, an admin will approve and activate your membership. Only after that, will you be able to access the members collateral and other information and features specific to our members. 

Listings is a members only feature. So an active membership will be required. Then follow the steps below. 

Add a listing for your business

1.Sign in to site it will take you to your profile page

2.Your menu at the top of the page will display a menu item that says Members directory Dashboard maintenance . Click on it

3.You will be taken to the Directory dashboard. select [Add Listing]

4.Under essential information :

1.Title : Your business name (please do NOT use your personal details)

2.Location: Click on the black marker on the right in that field to find your location automatically.

3.Categories: select your business category ( you may select more than one if suitable.)

5.Contact information:

1.Phone number is your business phone number

2.Mobile if different from your phone number

3.Fax number  if applicable

4.Email address

5.Website for your business website address

6.Social Accounts: Please add the ones you use

  Complete for you’re your social accounts that you would like to include

Additional information:

1.Please insert some additional information for your listing. Things Like what you do best, what you are about and your business focus

2.Photos : these will be important as it will add colour  and personality to your listing and show your business visually. Logos and nice pictures of your business and your staff are recommended. Once done, select [submit listing]

In order to participate in our competitions, you will need to “purchase” and entry via the “shop” link on your profile page. You simply select “shop” and then look for the competition you would like to enter. Select it and process through to the check out to pay. This will ensure you an entry.